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Slurry hose Canada manufacturer, furnace coolant hose South Africa producers, concrete pump hose United States suppliers-mining rubber hoses exporters.

HIC India Furnace Slurry Rubber Hose Concrete Pump Hoses Manufacturers: Made In South Africa USA Australia Canada Quality Mining Hose Pipe Replacement

South Africa USA UK fly ash unloading hose n mud slurry rubber hoses suppliers trust HIC manufacturers quality replacement to furnace coolant hosepipe Australia manufacturer, slurry hose Canada producers, concrete pump hose suppliers-mining hoses India exporters to Indonesia, Malaysia: furnace hose non-conductive, water rubber braided-hose, bitumen rubber hosepipe, super rock drill braided-hose, cyclone feed pump slurry hosepipe, shotCrete delivery concrete woven ply-hose, sand blasting rubber hosepipe, lay-flat fire hose, oil suction discharge armoured hose pipe, hot asphalt loading unloading hosepipe, mud suction rubber hose importers of New Jersey, Indianapolis, Wisconsin of USA, Victoria Australia, British Columbia Canada, Sheffield UK, Vienna Austria, Amsterdam Netherlands, Selangor Malaysia, Warsaw Poland, Singapore buy abrasive slurry delivery hose and slurry suction hoses from India suppliers, HIC International Co Inc, an Indian company.

Unparalleled HIC Universal Fly Ash Unloading Hose Lay-Flat Water Delivery Sand Blasting Hoses Exported to Indonesia, Malaysia, Austria, Netherlands, UK

Furnace Coolant hose hic non-conductive carbon-free rubber hosepipe manufactured of synthetic rubber inner lining tube off-white color plus hose outer cover of green or red color NBR rubber compounded and woven textile ply reinforcement most ideal for non-conductive furnace applications for electrical cable coolant low current leakage less than 20 Micro Amp. At 6,000V D.C, furnace carbon free hose manufactured from nominal bore ½” to 3” ID for working pressure 10bar, 15bar till 20 meters long roll lengths. Also, cable coolant rubber ply-hose with outer cover fire-proof cloth vulcanized produced to protect from heat radiation up to 1200deg C including splashes of hot metal near furnace, interchangeable with carbon free furnace hose made in Indonesia or Malaysia or India or South Africa of other producers, for use in steel factory non-conductive furnace door coolant hosepipe, and other cooling water transfer in glass industries furnace application.

  • Slurry hose hic cyclone feed pump hoses with metallic flange ends manufactured of high tensile fabric plies or cord reinforcement with steel wire helix flexible rubber hose with UV and weather-resistant outer cover hosepipe with inner lining rubber compound constructed as per media of material handled most ideal slurry tank rubber hose to withstand suction of materials such as mud, ash, coal, copper, iron, phosphate concentrates, limestone, lead, zinc, nickel, bauxite and other processed ores to operate at temperatures - 40ºC to + 80ºC, flexible slurry-line hosepipe manufactured from nominal bore 2” to 16” ID for working pressure 7bar, 10bar till 20 meters long roll lengths dependent on hose-pipe bore size, appropriate substitute to mud slurry hoses and material handling slurry hoses for suction and discharge of made in USA or Netherlands or Italy or South Africa of other producers, for use in slurry pump rubber hose, transport tailings from a mineral processing plant application slurry flexible hosepipe.
  • Concrete Pump hose hic vertical braided heavy duty concrete rubber hosepipe most ideal for dry cement and suction and discharge of concrete at high pressure up to 100bar manufactured in bore sizes 2” to 6” Inner Diameter with 2-4 layers of high tensile steel cord abrasion resistant synthetic rubber and Natural rubber based compound mix with fabric impression from 4 meters up to 10 meters long roll length including MS flanges on either 1 side or both sides, equal performance substitute to concrete hosepipe made in USA or Germany or UK or South Africa of other producers, for use in mortar rubber concrete pump pressure-hose, boom transfers rubber industrial hose application. Also, shotcrete delivery hoses up to 12 bar operating pressure concrete hosepipe manufactured having max burst pressure of 500 psi = 35 bar from 10 meters up to 20 meters long roll lengths made of special abrasion resistant 5 mm thick inner rubber tube with nylon fabric reinforced plies and copper wire embedded for electrical continuity, wrap finish outer cover concrete rubber hosepipe having soft ends for clamping.
  • Mining rubber hose hic super rock drill hosepipe manufactured of spiral-ply steel wire with oil and heat resistant inner rubber tube most ideal for mining and construction high-pressure pneumatic hose service manufactured in bore sizes 1/2” to 1” Inner Diameter for operating rubber hose at 14bar and 21bar working pressure plus 1-1/4” to 4” ID for operating hoses at 28bar with outer cover abrasion resistant and mild resistance to oil up to 30meters long roll length, equal performance substitute to rock drill hoses manufacturers made in Austria or USA or South Africa or India of other producers, for use in industrial air drill hose pneumatic application.
  • Fly Ash unloading hose hic material handling rubber hoses with flanges and or in-built nipples or plain soft ends most ideal for conveying fly ash in power stations and bulker loading/unloading or in-plant transfer of dry bulk cement heavy duty suction and discharge hosepipe manufactured in bore sizes 1-1/2” to 14” Inner Diameter for operating hose at 7 bar and 10 bar working pressure with woven textile ply reinforced with galvanized steel wire in EPDM rubber lining and outer cover corrugated/plain cloth marked made from abrasion resistant natural rubber compound having good resistance to weather up to 15meters long roll length, equal performance substitute to ash slurry rubber hosepipe material handling hoses made in USA or India or South Africa of other producers, for use in cement bulker loading or unloading hose fly ash application.
  • Bitumen rubber hose hic hot tar and asphalt loading unloading oil suction hoses most ideal for tank trucks, high temperature heat tank wagons bitumen handling manufactured in bore sizes 2” to 12” Inner Diameter for operating hoses at 7 bar and 10 bar working pressure with plies of steel wire cord plus helix wire in EPDM synthetic rubber smooth lining up to 15meters long roll length, equal performance substitute to hot bitumen hose made in Malaysia or UK or India or South Africa of other producers, for use in transferring high temperature viscous fluid hose-pipe application.
  • Water hose hic water delivery hose, lay-flat rubber hosepipe and water suction discharge hoses with flanges most ideal for construction site water hose, municipal septic tank water suction and agriculture water pump discharge heavy duty industrial water hoses manufactured in bore sizes 1/2” to 14” Inner Diameter for operating hoses at 6 bar, 10 bar and 15 bar working pressure with nylon yarn braided or woven textile plies or galvanized steel wire reinforced corrugated outer cover made in SBR and Natural rubber blended tube, delivery hoses in continuous long length up to 120m and suction hoses up to 20meters long roll lengths, equal performance substitute to industrial water rubber hosepipe made in Austria or USA or South Africa or India of other producers, for use in high-pressure fire engine booster hosepipe, mud water discharge hose, sewage discharge hosepipe, EPDM water hose agricultural application.
  • Sand Blasting hose hic flexible hose with copper wire electrical continuity rubber hoses most ideal for steel shot cleaning and pressure tank sand blaster heavy duty abrasive blasting industrial hoses manufactured in bore sizes 1/2” to 3” Inner Diameter for operating hoses at 7 bar and 10 bar working pressure with 2 to 4 or multiple textile plies depending upon bore size made in Natural rubber tube with synthetic rubber blended outer cover wrapped finish impression black color up to 20meters long roll length, equal performance substitute to industrial sand blast rubber hoses made in India or USA or Netherlands or South Africa of other producers, for use in surface finishing shot blast hosepipe application.
  • Oil Suction and Discharge hose hic tank truck suction and delivery rubber hosepipe most ideal for dock gasoline transfer hose and tank wagon petroleum hoses manufactured in bore sizes 2” to 14” Inner Diameter for operating hoses at 10 bar and 15 bar working pressure with multiple textile fabric plies GI embedded wire including anti-static copper wire reinforced made in NBR nitrile rubber oil resistant tube with abrasion and oil resistant neoprene rubber outer cover to withstand full vacuum and handling petroleum products less than 25% hydrocarbon content in smooth bore as well as rough bore having corrugated outer cover finish with flanges in-built or plain soft ends, equal performance substitute to petroleum hoses made in USA or India or UK or South Africa of other producers, for use in biodiesel transfer hosepipe, oilfield petroleum suction hosepipe application.

Kink-Less Flexible Steel Wire Armoured Suction Discharge Hose and Fittings, No Discrepancy !

Exporters of HIC make UNIVERSAL brand furnace coolant rubber hose, slurry hose, concrete pump hose, mining rubber hose, fly ash unloading hose, lay-flat rubber hoses, suction and discharge hoses superseding relevant IS, BS, DIN, ISO quality standards steel wire armoured rubber hose, industrial hose pipe produced in ultra-modern rubber hosepipe manufacturing factory at New Delhi and UP-Ghaziabad ISO 9001 certified factories of India.

  • Carbon Free Furnace Coolant hose supplied by HIC in Ontario Canada, Arizona United States, Durban South Africa, Cuttack Odisha Kerala India, Kolkata Bengal India, Mandi Gobindgarh Punjab India, Mumbai Maharashtra India, Ahmedabad Gujarat India.
  • Slurry Tanker Bulk hose supplied by HIC in Buffalo New York U.S., Cape Town South Africa, Lincolnshire UK, Amsterdam Netherlands, Auckland New Zealand, Mumbai Maharashtra India, Panna Madhya Pradesh India, Salem Tamil Nadu India, Udaipur Rajasthan India.
  • High Pressure Concrete rubber hose supplied by HIC in Phalaborwa South Africa, Oklahoma USA, Calgary Alberta Canada, Gurgaon Haryana India, Chennai Tamil Nadu India, Hyderabad Andhra India, Guwahati Assam India, Bengaluru Karnataka India, Rajkot Gujarat India.
  • Mining rock drill rubber hose supplied by HIC in Ottawa Ontario Canada, West Berlin NJ United States, Polokwane Limpopo South Africa, Ahmedabad Gujarat India, Nashik Maharashtra India, Hyderabad Andhra India, Bhilwara Rajasthan India, Indore MP India.
  • Fly Ash hose supplied by HIC in North Carolina USA, Mississauga Ontario Canada, Benoni Gauteng South Africa, Victoria Australia, Kolkata Bengal India, Tuticorin Tamil Nadu India, Guwahati Assam India, Mumbai Maharashtra India, Bhiwadi Rajasthan India.

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HIC Índia Forno de lamas de borracha da mangueira da bomba de betão Mangueiras fabricantes: Feito na África do Sul EUA Austrália Canadá Quality Mining mangueira de substituição da tubulação

HIC fabricados Universal mangueiras de borracha, de alta pressão mangueiras de Made in South Africa substituída pelas indústrias de São-Paulo-Brasília-Brasil, Homs-Síria, Colombo, SriLanka, Istambul-Turquia, Kiev, Ucrânia, Atenas, Grécia, Índia.

Slurry hosepipe with in-built flanges

Excelente HIC Universal Fly Ash Mangueira descarga Lay-Plano Água Entrega jateamento de areia Mangueiras Exportadores

  • Crack-secure hic mangueiras industriais de oxigênio e acetileno, ar-ferramenta pneumática dever, broca-rock mineira, a água de entrega.
  • Abrasão à prova de mangueira-tubo de sucção de petróleo doca, diluir ácidos e álcalis tratamento químico.
  • Alta pressão hidráulica-fio espiral Trançado mangueiras de vapor de água, óleo, água de sopro, lubrificantes, combustíveis.
Fly Ash hosepipe

Excentricidades livre flexível fio de aço blindado de sucção mangueira de descarga e acessórios, sem erro!

HIC Universal marca mangueiras pressão contínua da qualidade são fabricados com pesquisa edesenvolvimento, produzido na ultra-moderna fábrica localizada na Índia com maquinaria moderna classe superiorequipamentos e testes tripulados por operários qualificados dedicados vigor relevantes substitui a BS, DIN,Normas de qualidade ISO.

Concrete pump hosepipe

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